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05-30-2013, 05:02 AM
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Can spiritual principles SPEED UP your sexual success?


We had started our Euro-Trash Tour strong! A couple days into it and many pulls already, Artisan Pua Trainer, former student now globally acclaimed guru, and I were chatting while enjoying a cab ride back to our hotel from Piccadilly Circus.

I shared with him the fact that all but one of my post 2nd divorce pickup goals had been realized. I even had met my reverse gang-bang fantasy with a record of 7 girls on me plus 2 watching, yet strangely enough, despite my many tattoos and former career as one of Europe’s youngest Tattoo Artist, I had not yet had mad sex with a fully tattooed girl.

Manifestation being one of my passions, I simply, with his encouragement, put it out there that THIS TOO SHALL BE!

Sure enough, right after that, a street make-out with a cool fully sleeved girl who was on her way to her sister’s birthday. Number closed her and we planned on meeting later. Not too surprising, tattoos were showing on her hands before she showed me all of her art, and I had just made the decision.

While still relishing the soft taste and feel of her lips…with an even greater sense of positive expectation, while Artisan was opening left and right (He had lined up 5 lays in 5 days already), I felt drawn toward a very uniquely dressed fine woman, who was obviously an artist of some sort. Her phenomenal presence and long coat made me instantaneously forget about Tattoos.

As she started to cross the street, I rapidly passed her, turned around, and…

VK: “I just have to tell you, your “out of this world fashion” is the only reason while am crossing this street…WE GOTTA AT LEAST SAY HELLO…”

Her: [Laughing, a bit Jolted…] “Well thank you…it’s a sweet compliment…”

VK: “It’s not a compliment sweet heart, it’s just me being very accurate…a compliment would be more like… [Holding her hand lightly from the side] Your stunning presence is even more moving to me…well dammit, it still not a compliment, lol! I don’t do compliments but you intrigue me, why is that?”

Her: “I don’t know, you tell me…”

VK: “Well it would probably take hours lol, and I’ll have to walk with you wherever you’re going…lol”

Her: “Am actually going home…”
VK: “Seriously, you seem fun, I don’t know this neighborhood, I should soon get back to my hotel, but I walk with you at least a bit…I can trust you right, you’re not going to kidnap me?”

Her: “Lol, no am too tired for that lol, but we can go to a pub if you want?”

VK: “You’re sweet, but I have to be honest, I’ve been so public lately, I almost prefer a gentle walk and something quieter.”

Her: “Me too, actually I was going to cook [She has a grocery bag], you can join me if you want…”

VK: “We’re on the same page, but I can’t stay long…meanwhile, tell me everything about this neighborhood, my tour lovely guide…[Grab her by the arm and we start to walk…]

I see Artisan in the distance, top pro level winging, he wont even bother the interaction, and discreetly heads for his day two. By now he has a top-notch route he’s been taking girls on each night, simple, and he gets them to the hotel in record time.

She doesn’t live too far, but it’s a lot of turns and I purposely plant the excuse for later that I have no clue where we are at, that I couldn’t even find my hotel back.

Her place is a super artsy loft packed with very ethnic treasures displayed the way I tend to decorate my own places. I love the vibe. She begins to tell me about herself, she has several locations, including one in Italy, and she’s a world adventurer who even dares to go alone to remote parts of Africa with a mountain bike for months at a time.

She is truly fascinating, so rich and deep in everyway. I rapidly kiss escalate. She gets into it, but then pulls back looking down at the ground saying she better cook.

She rapidly puts together a very healthy meal, puts on some world music, and lights some incense.

We eat and she prepares tea. As we are sitting on the sofa, we are both mesmerized by each other…I start kissing again and surprise, as I feel her holing back a bit, she starts crying.

Her: “I don’t want you to think am weak or strange, am a strong woman but I just don’t understand men.”

VK: “Nor do I and am one of them lol, but what do you mean luv, tell me more…”

Her: “Well I shouldn’t even bother you with that but, I have been seeing this guy, and he asked me if he could borrow some money the other day, and I lent him, and he saw where I took it from and he took some more and now he’s not even calling back…I don’t care about the money but I can’t believe he did that…”

VK: “Hey sweet heart, sorry to hear that, come here, let me give you a hug…stuff happens you know…”

Her: “Yea, I know but I am just very disappointed, and I like you very much, I’ve been feeling lonely but, I just can’t be with someone right now…”

Part of me is nearly inclined to just bail, she started so well and this is just more than I need right now, but I know better and in a very caring way, I decide to hang in there…

Her: “I mean I like you, but…”

VK: “Hey, you got plenty on your mind, and am kind of tired, but it’s late and I would feel bad having you walking me back and honestly I got no clue where am at, and am not comfortable taking a cab this late…I tell you what, let’s just chill, you look like you can use a few hugs and cuddling, lol, and yes you’re very sexy, and I feel a true connection with you, but we’ll keep it simple and just rest, it’s not the time (pre-supposing that we were indeed, if it wasn’t for that, going to make love).

Her: “I guess it’s OK, you’re sweet, here let me give you a towel if you need to wash…”

VK: “Sure, after ALL you made me sweat lol…I take a quick shower…”

I take my time, try her many perfumes, and get back to living room, pants on, bear foot, and no shirt. I hear her voice from that little upstairs section that made me curious earlier. That’s actually where her bed is, she laughs and says “You didn’t expect a suspended bed lol…”

I climb the little latter, and say…

VK: “I gotta warn you, I got a lot of crazy tattoos…”

Her: “Not as crazy as mine…”

WTF? London in the evening was cold and I wore long sleeves and so did she. But now she’s got a thank top and she unveils the most insane double snake tattoo all over her front body and the biggest tiger covering her entire back…I can’t believe it…I later find out the tattoo was made in Africa and the snakes go all the way to her pussy, and her lower lips are also tattooed…PATIENCE PAYS lol. Let’s play this well…NMS will do instead of SNS (Next Morning Sex vs Same Night sex).

I start to arrange pillows to create a little barricade in the middle of the bed and make her laugh repeating, “Your side, my side, your side, my side…you get it??? Can I trust you little world traveler that you’re not going to venture beyond this frontier…” [By overdoing it in the resistance, she relaxes on her side.

VK: “OK, let’s just cuddle for a bit and then we sleep.”

As dirty as I can get, I love women too much to not want to at least give her some genuine support in her little. She gets a bit more at ease, as I am only giving love, no lust [But not like a wimp who wishes to fuck her and pretends, from an authentic place of a blend of really caring and knowing that it is happening soon or later].

She starts to tell me that she only sleeps with black guy…I don’t even bother throwing my usual “That was until you met me baby…” I got a much better plan. I will lead the resistance as the Hypnotherapist in me can asses that the only issue as she is daring and very sexual, I can tell, is that she needed to vent and rapidly rebuilt trust in men. So let’s be a real man and give her just enough space so the polarity pops up.

I set my alarm discreetly on the cheap phone I bought in the UK, one hour before the time she sets on hers.

And I turn my back on her after I give her a soft kiss, and since I am moving away I tell her, allow me to take my pants off, I be more comfortable and I can tell you’re OK, you’re not gonna rape me while I sleep lol…goodnight, thank you for the sweet meal, you are super interesting….


She tries to talk and I tell her, “Just get some rest sweet heart, you need it…”

Alarm goes on, she’s still sleeping, I purposely move quiet a bit in the bed until she wakes up….I tell her:

VK: “God you have crazy dreams…you kept on talking…”

Her: “Really??? What was I saying?”

VK: “You kept on saying…Oh Vince, you’re so hot, take me now…take me now…”

Her: “No I didn’t, you silly, lol…”

VK: “No you didn’t say that actually, what you said was…OH VINCE FUCK ME NOW, FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARDER…”

Her: “You’re crazy, where do you get all that energy that early…”

VK: “It’s your voodoo cooking baby…lol”

VK: “Seriously, you’re sweet, and thanks for letting me sleep…You know, I like you, I feel you, even though we didn’t have sex, I just want to do something very special…”

Her: “Well I don’t want you to think am a prude, I had lots of sex in my life, I slept with over 300 guys…but mainly black guys…”

VK: “300, you’re slacking off baby, you should be at a thousand by now…lol…But you know it’s not about sex, it’s really about honoring, honoring you as a woman…Here… [As I turn on top of her], am not going to go inside of you, I just wanna feel you, I just want to brush it slightly on you like a paint brush, just the tip…see, it feels good doesn’t it…[I pull away] That’s all… just want to feel you a bit…just to honor you…”

I do this three times, get inside of her slightly on third time…then…a bit more on a 4th time, then all the way but very briefly then I pull out…and…

VK: “That’s all…I just wanted to feel you…that was NICE…”

By now she’s so deeply aroused, she gives me the craziest look ever and with a screaming tone, she says…”WHAT??? NO, FINISH ME, FINISH ME, FUCK ME HARD…”

Ask and you shall receive, I fucked her hard, then fucked her harder, and went crazy dirty on her…

She melted, and said “Maybe I should make more exceptions, you’re my first white guy in a long time, since high school…”

We connected more over breakfast and she got very sentimental when I left, saying…”Why can’t people stay in touch more…”

I promised to see her again but the now Legendary London Fuck-a-Thon got so intense, all I did was to honor her with a quick call from the airport later that week as we wear heading for Germany…

But what a stunning soul she was, she’s on the list of the women I would love to reconnect with…and I couldn’t believe that it was only 24 hours earlier that I committed to my last goal on the list I had made right after divorcing my second wife…Make lists guys, they work!

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